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Regenerative Organic Agriculture

At Ranadi Organics we believe soil husbandry is the key to regenerative, organic, and sustainable large-scale agriculture, and we prioritize not just maintaining and replacing our soil but increasing its fertility and volume using organic and biological techniques.

In tropical climates 90% of life is above the soil and 10% in the soil, as opposed to temperature climates where 60% is above the soil and 40% within. Industrial farming practices from temperature climates are widely practiced in the tropics and strip fertility from tropical soils.


Tropical farmers then become dependent on bought inputs to grow their crops as soils rapidly erode. At Ranadi we’re working on and promoting alternative agricultural methods specific to tropical soils. For example, we receive green and brown organic waste from our wider community via the local waste management company. We mulch this waste and add it to our compost.


Initiatives for staff to recycle

We also have a “recycling” system, whereby our staff bring food scraps to work rather than sending them to the landfill; kitchen scraps are fed to our chickens, and meat and fish waste are composted, burned or emulsified. These processes extract valuable minerals which we use for rebuilding our soil. Rather than use conventional fertiliser inputs which cause imbalances in soil biology and promote rapid weed growth, we create inoculant composts and soil probiotics which promote microbiological diversity and plant uptake of minerals via the nutrient cycle.


Our ginger is nurtured using only regenerative, biodiverse, organic techniques. Our ginger is fully ACO, USDA NOP, JAS and IFOAM certified. Our planting season is August/September. We are able to supply young ginger for two months of each year (February-March), and mature ginger from July through December.

The cut quality of all our ginger, including our most mature ginger, is excellent: it is tender and gets hotter as it gets older. Our ginger has minimal fiber even at 14 months old.

Ginger is packed full of excellent health benefits including aiding in digestion, immunity-boosting, and antiviral properties.

Check out our partnerships page to see which products use Ranadi Organic Ginger


Our turmeric is nurtured using only regenerative, biodiverse, organic techniques. Our turmeric is fully ACO, USDA NOP, JAS and IFOAM certified. We have multiple planting seasons for Turmeric.

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