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An award-winning female-led organic initiative since 1960.

Ranadi Organics is worked and cared for with a 75% local female workforce.

Ranadi empowers local female farmers by providing stable employment and opportunities for up-skilling in organic farming, productions, and operations as well as in life-changing but simple ways such as providing driving education for key female staff and housing for staff living on site. 


Our mission is to raise global awareness of women’s issues in the Pacific region and to support female farmers in Fiji.

The farm has been women-impact audited by IIX Singapore with the support of Pacific Rise in Canberra, Australia.

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Global GAP certification

In 2016 Ranadi Organics was one of only four farms worldwide to receive the Global G.A.P. award. Both the farm and pack house facility at Ranadi are fully GlobalGAP certified. We are proud to be Fiji’s first and only GlobalGAP certified agricultural business.

From fields to
Certified Organic farm

In 2013, we took our first step towards certified organic production with an audit by the industry’s leading certifier, Australian Certified Organic. Ranadi Organics became fully ACO, USDA NOP, and IFOAM certified, as well as JAS certified in 2016.


Ranadi Organics has implemented a permaculture design that includes avenue cropping for ginger crops, rainwater harvesting and sustainable greywater management for our packhouse, and the development of a diverse food forest.


We are also very inspired by the “Do Nothing” philosophy of Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, and a section of our farm is reserved for trialing Fukuoka’s methods. Our ginger consultant and mentor is the brilliant Paul Decker, who has guided us since 2013.

In September 2015 we won Organic Crop Farmer of the Year (Central Division) in Fiji, for the second year running. 

Find out more about our Organic crops:

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