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Red Shoots

Utilising sustainable farming methods and world-class systems, we can trace every ingredient we use for our Daily Good Immunity Tonics from Ranadi right down to the very field they were planted in.

Daily Good immunity shots are formulated with natural and organic ingredients to boost immunity with 3 flavourful tonics. A natural immunity booster packed with superhero ingredients supported by zinc and NZ Manuka honey. Each bottle includes 7 daily shots that can be taken neat, or enjoyed diluted in hot or cold water.

We simply had to have Ranandi grown ginger and turmeric in our tonics, it's a superior product and we know the love and care that goes on to cultivate such an incredible crop of goodness.

We're proud that every Red Shoots product made from Ranadi ingredients helps support the great work they do in the South Pacific.

Find out more about Red Shoots here

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